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What good is a strategy that generates returns during an up-market and gives most of them back in a crash? When it comes to investing, we believe the best offense is a good defense.

Our proprietary investment algorithms analyze stock data on a daily basis to monitor every position, in each asset class. This provides the resolution needed to make portfolio adjustments in accordance with developing trends—sometimes even just a few days can make a big difference.

The graph above is a simple illustration on how being even slightly active rather than taking a buy-and-hold approach can help avoid significant losses. The blue line is the S&P500, the green line is a hypothetical backtested portfolio invested in the S&P500 over the same period that goes to cash during catastophic events (i.e. market downturns greater than 20%), such as in 2008-09. Our protective measures run deeper than this simple cash rule, however, it goes to show how effective simple avoidance can be. (Not representative of any specific investment or account.)

Diversification and low volatility don’t cut it. Portfolio protection requires deeper measures to minimize risk.

Diversification has its limits. At times, market risk becomes so widespread that nearly every asset class suffers—such was the case in 2008-09. Taking a more proactive approach can better protect against risks that diversification fails to address.

We believe active hedging provides even greater assurance for our clients*—assurance that can’t otherwise be attained with just diversification. Hedging is often considered difficult and costly by most advisors, but with our proprietary algorithms we offer optimal and cost-effective hedges.

*Depending on client suitability.

The graph above takes the previous illustration a step further to show what a dynamic hedge can do to a portfolio in a large crash. The blue line is the S&P500, the green line is a hypothetical backtested portfolio invested in the S&P500 over the same period that goes to a 30/70 long/short allocation during market downturns greater than 20% and then net long after a 10% recovery. While our hedging methods are more sophisticated than shown here, this graph serves to show how this approach provided even better overall returns than simply going to cash. (Not representative of any specific investment or account.)

Innovation is not automation of an old process, it is creation of an entirely new one.

Automated investing is a feature, not a solution. We believe financial innovation comes from taking a scientific approach to investing and applying automation. Algorithms remove the ‘decisional risk’ that often hinder human investment decisions.

Our scientific approach includes continuous examination of both our errors and successes. This is where the power of algorithmic investing exists, because it provides the ability to compare expected results with observed results—creating a scientific basis for continuous improvement and adaptation.

Our Process

Our process consists of three algorithmic models: Alpha, Risk, and Execution. Together these models work to improve efficiency and consistency at every step.

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Our broker and custodian, Interactive Brokers, has received a 4.5 out of 5 star rating by Barron's and has been named the ‘Top Online Broker’ for the fourth consecutive year.

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Interactive Brokers’ proprietary SmartRoutingSM service continuously evaluates fast changing market conditions and dynamically re-routes all or parts of trade orders seeking to achieve optimal execution for minimized costs.

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Know how your money is being put to use and what your costs are. In the spirit of transparency and efficiency, we do not invest our clients in mutual funds, and instead we opt for stocks and ETFs.

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